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VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

Showcase youth using VEX to explore STEM. Compose a photograph that features one or more students working on a robot, testing, planning or celebrating your VEX team’s accomplishments. Use photography to tell the judges something about your own story of involvement on a competition team, in a classroom, or as a hobbyist working with VEX. 


Design Process


Our team mate Brendan Thompson taking apart a failed base design to scrap parts for a new one.

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Celebration after winning match with a high hang. Match displayed team cooperation.

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Baby You're Fireworks!


Shining now means a brighter future. Titan Robotics is proud to present our STEM curriculum. At Ridgeland High School, we have 2 classes dedicated to Engineering. Engineering 1students comprehend the Engineering Design Process and draw CAD while Engineering 2 students build clawbots as well as draw CAD.

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Nate Works On The Robot


Nate is here @SeattlePrep working on the ScorpionBot!  He is making sure the rubber bands are in the correct placement.  What an engineer!

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Intricate Work


Robotics requires delicate work. I took a picture of my teamates hands while we were strengthening our robot to show one of the small things that go into a whole robot.

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5150D's Excellence Award


On October 29, 2016, team 5150D was blown away to receive the Excellence Award at the Danbury High School Starstruck Qualifier. The team of eight had been working feverently just the night before in order to make their thoughts come to fruition. The photograph captures how hard work will inevitably yield reward.

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The Joy of Celebration


Here, Sean Russell is holding our trophy from winning tournment champion.

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This is a picture of my team and our robot during our first competition.

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Max working on robot


Here you can see Max working extremely hard on the ScorpionBot!  He is the best at robotics.

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Seattle Prep Robotics Mentoring Students


David helping L.J. ,A Student At Seattle Nativity, help figure out strategies on how they want to play the Vex IQ game, Crossover. Seattle Nativity is a Catholic  school for underserved students in the Seattle area. We are committed to give them the best opportunity of success, learning, and fun.

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Bash Dash


David, Kieran, and Mirabelle working hard on figuring out what the plan for the rest of the tournament should be after the arm broke. This is a great strategizing moment because it allowed us to finish 1st in qualifying at the Halloween Bash in Lake Stevens, Washington.

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Robot taking hex balls off wall successfully


In this photo, our robot is picking up two hex balls so it can score ten points in the medium height goals during a driving skills practice round at Abraham Lincoln middle school. I took this photo because it shows our accomplishment of picking up hex balls off the wall.

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Testing Chassis Design


In this picture, we see a 6th grader from Cranbrook, named Askari, who is test-driving his robot on 1-8-17. He works with the team 37T whose name is the Super Smash Bots. He has just made a change to the chassis which should make it easier to go up the ramp with 6 hexballs.

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Team Time


We as a team discussing alliance selection while Olivia is making sure the robot is in top shape. Because of this we did exactly what we wanted in alliance selection and were very happy with our picks.

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Creating our pole lift


This is the most important picture to me. It shows Andrew and I putting our ideas and building skills together to create the mechanism we are proudest of, a rack and pinion as our pole lift.This picture reminds me of what we can accomplish if we work together.

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The great idea that didn't work


This was our robot lift idea and our idea for how to get the stars and cubes over the wall. I ended up not working so we hd to move on to a different idea. But this shows our perseviernce in the face of defeat and our can-do aditude.

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Nothing Better Than the First Time


David and Kieran Posing for the photo after being 1st in qualifiers at the first competition of the year for the team! We were very proud of our hard work and Time we put in to get to the point we were at!

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Im Tired... But Motivated!


After A LONG day of working on the robot, we draw our strength from the hope of going back to worlds.

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Testing the Robot Drive Train


The 90Xcutioner team is testing the drive train of the robot for the first time at Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center in Downingtown Pennsylvania on January 4th, 2017. The 90Xcutioner team is part of Brandywine Robotics Vexmen. The team is comprised of five sixth grade students Steven, Kamal (driver), Ethan (programmer), Toby, and Velavan.The robot was not working correctly and the main programmer was making sure the driver was using the correct controls. This picture shows the whole team trying to make the robot work correctly.

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The Reward


After many days put into planning, building, and coding our robot, we watch as our robot (affectionately called R0bert) demonstrates that it is fully operational; and just in time for our first round of qualifiers too.

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This photograph is of our team - Brampton Robotics/ Team 1104S. This photo was taken at our coach's house during a build session. Our robot was experiencing some issues with our claw, so we used collaboration to get the job done. We learned that collaborating not only finishes the job faster but it's also fun when you're working with a team!

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My Robot


This is a picture of me and my team's robot. We are currently celebrating because we just finished building the arm. We still need to attach the claw.

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Working on code


Here Alex is working on coding while Caden is pointing out ideas what we should change on the robot. In our team, everyone has their own task. We focused on our autonomous drive after we changed the motors to a higher RPM. This was at our coach’s house on 1/8/17.

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Syntax Error


In this photograph my teammember is fixing the motors and gears of the claw stand in our robotics class. The photo shows the robot getting programmed by my other teammate. The claws stand has four motors and four gears with the core in middle of the robot. In front of the wheels of the robot have protecters so the wheels can stay in place.

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80 Rogue designing and planning


This is a photo of our team designing and recording our second lift. We had just decided to remove our last lift to make this. It required hours of work and learning new concepts. All members of our team worked diligently to complete this component. We are very proud.

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Representation of STEM


5150H is a unique team with great ideas and collaboration between members. In the image, the team is having a discussion about improving our drivetrain and troubleshooting one of the motors which temporarily stopped working. This particular photo was chosen because it portrays how the whole team comes together to utilise an engineering process and finds a solution to our problems. As shown in the image, David Duback, former builder and designer of 5150H is suggesting that we should extend the length of the drivetrain to prevent it from tipping at the front. According to his idea...

Korea International School VEX robotics club


The KIS VEX ROBOTICS club leaders devote their time into planning an efficient and intriguing session, while also promoting teamwork. The members work diligently while having fun and support each other constantly. The VEX program has enforced every member with a strong basis of STEM. This combined with the ongoing application of teamwork shows that the club will continue to progress and advance.

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This is Zoe, working on our robot early in the build. We were having trouble getting it to drive in a line. I chose this photo because it shows her intense determination. The goal is out of focus because Vex is about the learning process, not just the final destination.

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