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This challenge is to develop a Website that promotes your entire robotics program - your VEX team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. Since a school or other organization (such as a community club, 4-H club, Scout unit, TSA chapter, or Explorer Post) may have more than one team, this challenge is for your whole school or club, not just one team. In short, build a Website that tells the world how great youth robotics is, and how special your program is.



Free Range Robotics


Visit Free Range Robotics' Web Site at Comments and Suggestions Welcome! Team 2921 Free Range Robotics (Homeschoolers)
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Kalani Robotics Website for the VEX, FIRST, RWDC, Botball, Microrobotics, and other competitions. The site has information regarding our program and the community events occurring. Has images of our teams progress as well as previous years events. We have programs that we offer as an outreach as well as products that we sell to spread the world of STEM.
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Team 918 Pantherbots Page


Click here to visit the Hyde Park Pantherbots Page! :)
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VEX team 1138


Website of VEX team 1138. Its branched off the 1138 FRC team website.
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gus robotics


we are the recent champions of ct state championchips. we were also one of the few teams that did the first vex tournament. or other focus on first robotics.
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DiscoBots - 2010


DiscoBots' websites are a season long building process in which we learn the basics of html, php, javascript and using professional content management - Drupal. The website team has 6 dedicated members that work to present the DiscoBots to the world !
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Team KAOS 2010


Team 1429 2010 Website submission
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CHAMPS Robotics Academy - SPUR-Flys Website


The CHAMPS Charter High School Robotics Academy designs, builds, and programs robots for VEX Robotic Challenges. The Academy is split into two classes: The Advanced Robotics Class (pictured above) and the First Year Robotics class (Please see the NXT SPUR-Flys page). The Advanced Robotics Class consists of grades ten through twelve, and is divided into four teams: Teams 21, 21B, 21C, and 21D. The students always work in teams, collaborating in building and designing robots, and writing and planning out their engineering notebooks. To date, all four teams have qualified for the 2010 VEX World...
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A website created for symbiohsis to keep our team, as well as the community aware of our program and our triumphs/downfalls.
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Prime Robotics


Website can be viewed at We are a new NZ team with bug ambitions!!!
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Robótica Challengers Website


It's a website that shows the robotic news around the world and everything about Team Challengers 7011.
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Team Cybergenic


This is the official website for team Cybergenic (2243B); click on and enjoy!
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Beauty and the Geeks

Ken Rayment

This website was requested by the local non-profit that does these events to hook up mentors with new teams.
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Team 1114 Simbotics VEX Website.
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Robots of the Caribbean


Official website of VEX Team 2211B - Robots of the Caribbean.
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Saints Robotics 1899


This is the website for Saints Robotics of Interlake High School. The program includes FRC 1899 and VRC 1899. The website includes the general website, a member forum, and a workspace for organizing responsibilities and agendas.
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Iron Eagles Robotics


My high school requires a year long project in order to graduate. I decided to create a website for the robotics team in order to help gain publicity and spread interest in robotics. Since October 2009, I have been documenting my team's creative process in developing and building robots. I think that the blog entries I have created for each robotics club meeting describe not only our results, but the journey we took to achieve them.
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Iolani robotics in Hawaii.
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PiraTech VEX Robotics


508, 508P, 508B's VEX Robotics Website from Palm Bay High School.
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Team 5110 Imagination


Come and take a look at our web page, any coment please leave them here in the challenge pages, well add a coment section to the web page soon.
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Pira Tech VEX Robotics


Official site of Palm Bay High School's Pira Tech VEX Robotics team.
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The official website of VEX and FIRST Robotics Team 254, The Cheesy Poofs, out of San Jose, CA.
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Kristin Robotics


The website for the Kristin Robotics (K-Force, Team 2919) team. Contains Information about us, the events, and much more.
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Sabertron 2467 website


This is our team website.
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