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Created: Mon, Jan 25, 2010 5:13 AM

Visit Free Range Robotics' Web Site at Comments and Suggestions Welcome! Team 2921 Free Range Robotics (Homeschoolers)


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   flangefrog on 04/02/2010

We have just done a lot of work on the layout of our website (especially the home page). Please take a look!

   flangefrog on 03/19/2010

@penguinfrk Thanks for your feedback. I have removed the right column and moved some of the modules to the left, and some down the bottom. Tell me what you think now. I want to make a drop-down menu for the site to improve the navigation, but it takes a lot of time (which I don't have at the moment!) to integrate it nicely into the template. I can't really make the website any smaller, as it is made to fit into a 1024x768 monitor which a lot of people still use. Michael P.S. just pretend that the slideshow is full width - I will try to update it tomorrow.

   penguinfrk on 03/19/2010

While the content is informative and the site is very well maintained, I think you try to put way too much information all on the front page. The triple columns and pictures, text fields, lists, slide shows, notification boxes all seem very cluttered. The navigation bar has so many options, it feels claustrophobic. Perhaps you could consider narrowing the margins on the side to provide more space, or be more concise for the front page.

   flangefrog on 03/07/2010

Hi Thanks for voting. Actually, the website was completely designed by me (I am 17 - was 16 when I started the website). The site is built on the Joomla CMS, and the site template used was a free one (js jamba), although I have customised it and the HTML, PHP and CSS of most the extensions. Most the content was written by team members with the exception of three articles written by parents (about our team, sponsor information, and a press release), and the news under "News from Vex NZ" and "News from Vex USA". I do create websites part time for a job although at the time (ours was the first NZ Vex website), it was only the second website I had created. The website has been around for almost two years and has been continually updated since then. See for more info (note: article not finished) Michael