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Created: Thu, Mar 4, 2010 1:50 AM

The CHAMPS Charter High School Robotics Academy designs, builds, and programs robots for VEX Robotic Challenges. The Academy is split into two classes: The Advanced Robotics Class (pictured above) and the First Year Robotics class (Please see the NXT SPUR-Flys page). The Advanced Robotics Class consists of grades ten through twelve, and is divided into four teams: Teams 21, 21B, 21C, and 21D. The students always work in teams, collaborating in building and designing robots, and writing and planning out their engineering notebooks. To date, all four teams have qualified for the 2010 VEX World Championship Tournament in Dallas, Texas, a great accomplishment that our class is proud of.


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   user9481 on 03/07/2010

Great website! Filled with information about your school, teammates, and the VEX competitions.