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Created: Sat, Mar 6, 2010 12:55 AM

The official website of VEX and FIRST Robotics Team 254, The Cheesy Poofs, out of San Jose, CA.


There is nothing here.

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   bellpride on 03/28/2010

Thanks for the comments, jennabot and melaniiiiiiiex3. @melaniiiiiiiex3: Part of the reason there isn't more Vex stuff there is because it's also our FRC website...and we tried to keep both sections somewhat equal. We might come up with a separate (unofficial) Vex website in the future. We were also impressed with your bright red robot and pit at PPC. Are you guys coming to Atlanta or Dallas?

   bellpride on 03/15/2010

All: I'm not responsible for our website's maintenance, but some of your comments are really insulting to the people who are (gadgetdevil, for example, is our Web Head). Him and other students spent *weeks* prepping this site to meet FIRST's criteria ( - a much more stringent set than the one for this challenge. Even if we had not modified the template, and just tampered with the content, I fail to see what everybody is offended about. Do your teachers mark your presentations down (or as koolkat33 tried to grade this, 0%) when you use a PowerPoint template? In our school we're graded based on content of the presentation - and marked down if the slides are hard to read. Instead of making assumptions, please take the time to PM gadgetdevil or myself and learn what's really going on. If your only goal is to grade this submission down, please note that we will NOT be doing the same to yours - there are more rewarding ways to win in life.

   user18886 on 03/14/2010

@testprime There were a lot of I doubt's, you shouldn'ts, and it looks like's in your comment. I point this out because instead of asking us questions on how this website was created, you are assuming the whole entry is a farce. This is akin to looking at a nascar driver and saying, "driving a car isn't hard, his car has two pedals and a steering wheel, he shouldn't experience any problems unless he does something major".

   254pride on 03/12/2010

@koolkat33: i have you say your comment is rather offensive and you assume much too much. Several months were spend coding and developing the website. There is plenty of custom code running behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly in all environments. If you had read the previous comments and not jumped to your assumed conclusion, you would have been aware of this.

   user18886 on 03/07/2010

There is actually quite a bit of custom code on the backend, namely, but not limited to the picture slideshow, which had to be fixed for IE, the menu bar, & HTML errors out of the box. So yes, looking at the original and our site they look identical, but that is a superficial comparison.

   user18886 on 03/07/2010

P.S. No mentor has touched a single line of code during the production of this website, any bugs/problems/glitches have & will always be fixed by students. :-)

   user18886 on 03/07/2010

@crobertson1 Thanks for your comments & feedback. As bellpride indicated before me, we are using a template, which is clearly indicated at the bottom of every page. As the guidelines state, using a CMS/Templates is not discouraged so long as it is highly customized for the team, and I believe we have done an great job of that.

   bellpride on 03/06/2010

We did use a Joomla template - because we wanted to concentrate more on the content of the site than making it. All the tutorials, pictures, and team histories were written by 254 students - you'll find an incredible amount of material if you spend a few minutes browsing around. Thanks for posting your comments all the same - we will bring them up at the website meeting.