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Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge

Texas Instruments (TI) is one of the largest semiconductor design and manufacturing companies in the world. That means we make amazing technology that is inside many of the most innovative electronic products you use every day. For example, you may not have realized it but TI technology is at the heart of the VEX IQ controller and many TI components are used inside the device. We want to challenge you to look at your world with the eyes of an engineer and explore the inner-workings of an electronic device of your choice. Once you choose a product, you will deconstruct the device, catalog what you find inside, and then submit a final report with your findings on what you discovered.

TI technology is also probably inside many of the electronic products you use every day. For example, TI components are inside the VEX IQ controller, BEATS headphones, GoPro Hero 4 camera, Tesla cars, and the Samsung Galaxy. We challenge you to find a device (we recommend choosing something you don’t mind breaking apart, for example an old phone), and carefully deconstruct the device so you can find out what electronic components are inside. Most semiconductor chips are labeled with the company name and component name. Then conduct online research to discover what the component does and what its role might be within the entire system of the electronic device. Some examples of devices you could select to deconstruct:

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Music player
  • Pedometer
  • Headphones
  • GPS navigator
  • Speakers
  • Garage opener
  • Camera
  • Computer mouse
  • Voice recorder
  • Watch

SAFETY TIPS: Before starting this challenge, make sure to have your chosen device approved by your team coach/leader/mentor/parent for safety purposes. Also note that some devices contain capacitors that hold a charge, and extreme caution should be used if the device has a capacitor. Any electrical device that contains a power source must be disconnected or removed before disassembly (unplug all cords and remove all batteries). You must wear safety glasses during the disassembly process.


TI Electronics Challenge - RCA Clock Radio


This is Team 8931A's entry for the Texas Instruments Online Challenge. This report reflects our findings while deconstructing and researching internal components and IC chips from an RCA Clock Radio - Model: RC105-A.

For a PDF version of our report, click here. For a Google Docs version of our report, click here.

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Star Date 70228.7 (Hi There)


We are a girls team at Holmes Humanities Magnet Middle School. This is our third year in the VEX robotics club. We have been to an overall of about eighteen competitions, including two all girls competitions. We are a team of three people, two eighth graders and one seventh grader. Our purpose for this year in VEX Robotics is to get to Worlds Competition and battle against some of the worlds greatest minds. We want to leave a legacy at our school to prove to newcomers that girls can build bots and they can be good at it.

-Team 1469B

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TI-Online Challenge


TI-Online Challenge for VEX team 4104A at EC3 in Hardin County, KY.

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2886B TI Online Challenge Entry


For this online challenge, we (Team 2886B) decided to deconstruct and analyze an iPhone 3GS. We fully documented the deconstruction with pictures, and included a full analysis of the integrated circuits as well as a detailed parts list. Our sources are cited in APA format on the last page.

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6135W Texas Instruments Online Challenge...


This is our entry in the 2016-2017 TI online challenge. We disassembled and researched a Tyco R/C Car.      

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Grace(ful) Deconstruction Forensic Team 6986 E


The Grace Brethren Team 6986E will deconstruct a DVD player.  Our team has selected a DVD player as our electronic device to deconstruct, inventory, and research.


Please see Online Challenge Summary Report file and images attached.

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Riley Barrett, Team 4154A



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Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge


Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge

By: Ethan Rittmiller


    The piece of technology I took apart and analyzed was an emergency light/radio.  It was able to function as a normal radio, but it also had flashlights at either end that can go between modes, e.g. blinking and steady; dim and bright. I chose to take the radio apart because its components and their function interested me.

Radios work by emitting and receiving waves that contain frequencies for things such as radio...

The Anatomy of a GPU


The Texas Instruments Electronics challenge submission by Ryan Callier from Faith Lutheran, team 6891B Battleborn. This submission includes a report on the anatomy of a GPU and includes 10 photos showing the GPU during the process of dismantling it.

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TI-online challenge-IJ Holton


Our entry for the TI onlline...

Disassembly of cell phone


This is a essay and ppt on disassembling an old Sony Ericsson T616 cell phone. there are a lot of photos.

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Inside a Phone


Inside a Phone, Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge

By Bethany Lonsinger, Red Hawk Elementary 5th grade, VEX IQ Team 80516

One of the many discarded pieces of technology left around my house was an old AT&T cordless phone, model number EL51209. It wasn’t being used and was larger (and more complicated) than the small watch that I had originally planned to dismantle. So I set to work with a screwdriver (and safety goggles) and began dismantling.

My full report is in the attached .pdf file, along with captioned...


Comparison of the Texas Instruments TI-99 and the...


A detailed compasrion of a Texas Instruments computer from the early 1980s with a E-Machine brand computer from the early 2000s, including all parts in both, their functions, and how both computers relate to each other and the change of the eletronics industry. 

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iPhone 5 Destruction


Team 9364C, Brentwood Academy



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Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge


    Through a team decision, we chose this challenge as an opportunity to deconstruct a common object that can be explored and learned from by disassembling.  Our team decided that the most interesting object to deconstruct would be an iphone, which would not only be enjoyable to learn about but also would increase our knowledge about an everyday item.  One of our...