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Dissassembly of a Toshiba Z218


Entry ID #: 2934
Created: Mon, Jan 2, 2017 2:35 PM

  Disassembly of Toshiba Z218 3796B Some Assembly Required   Over the summer, my laptop, a Toshiba Z218, broke, and I had wanted to disassemble it reuse the internals, so I volunteered it to my team and we disassembled it one practice. Overall, the dissection was relatively easy:  it was mostly put together with screws, there was no glue. Inside, we found the hard drive (for which I was very glad; I wanted to retrieve my data), 8GB of SODIMM RAM, my disk writer (Toshiba TS-L633 8x DVD±RW DL Notebook SATA Drive (Black)), and my replacement battery. Interestingly enough, since this machine was designed and manufactured by Toshiba is a Japanese Company, you’d expect the majority of parts of be manufactured in Japan. But, of all of the removable components I found (excluding things directly mounted onto the motherboard), were made in Korea by smaller manufacturers, none of them TI components. If I were to dissect a Dell Laptop, however, I would expect to find a higher proportion of TI’s equipment inside, as Dell is an American Company who will be more likely to use another American Company for its chips, like how multiple VEX components are controlled using TI chips.   The front of laptop before disassembly   The back of the laptop Removed the battery, so I won’t get any unexpected shocks The Hard Drive: But the screw is stripped! Looks like I’ll have to take it out after I remove the keyboard The removable SODIMM RAM of the laptop, 8GB of it More specifically, 2 Hynix 4GB DDR3 RAM PC3-10600 204-Pin Laptop SODIMM   The disk writer, specifically Toshiba TS-L633 8x DVD±RW DL Notebook SATA Drive (Black) The Battery, specifically the CBD New Replacement Laptop Battery The motherboard, fan and hard drive, after I removed the keyboard The back of the keyboard, see the ribbon wire controlling the keyboard, trackpad and touch buttons Removed the screen, will disassemble after I finish with the motherboard and the remainder of the shell Was finally able to remove the hard drive, after I had taken the motherboard off of the shell The shell, with only the fan left on it The Fan     The shell, finally with all the components removed The entire disassembled laptop, all in one place The isolated screen, ready to be disassembled Removed the front decal by, you can see the actual LCD border now The removed decal A warning from the manufacturer I was keen to obey on the LCD Removed the LCD, just the back plate, pay attention to the wires which track whether or not the screen is open.  


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