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Created: Mon, Jan 9, 2017 10:34 AM

Our team, Soggy Waffles chose one of our teammates old worn down phone that was broken, but still in pristine condition with no visible damage. The team member gave his phone out to the team for free to disassemble and we then got to work on it. We chose a phone as our electronic instrument to disassemble because it was at ease of access to us any also because it was more easily disassembled. We also chose it because it was a less popular brand, UMX and  was not commonly seen and therefore more unique, but still a major electronic as it still had most of the big brand smartphone features.     Now we disassembled the phone. First we removed the backplate and then removed the screws to open the phone. Then we heated the front and shortly after we opened up the phone with pliers. Finally we took out all of the components by disconnecting each piece as they were reattachable easily. When we disassembled the phone we found several different parts as the phone was composed of four sections. The four different sections were a glass front for protection, main computer section to be the brain of the phone, a  plastic frame to hold the battery and connect the camera to the back, and a smooth back plastic shell for protection and gripping. The phone was powered by two Li-Ion batteries made by UMX which were located in two different spots with the larger one being in the plastic frame and a smaller one being in the computing section to power the motherboard. In the main computer of the phone we found a small chip made by Texas Instruments used for wifi, bluetooth, gps, bt, and fm and this was the only Texas Instruments made item we found in the phone. The main computer brain section of the phone included a motherboard to think for the phone, several copper wires to connect power along different parts of the phone, a camera for taking pictures or videos, and a few different pushable button for the outside shell buttons to connect to along with a wire connecting to another chip on the top to the motherboard to power on and off the phone with the top power button was pressed.     So the lessons we learned from disassembling the UMX phone was that electronics items were not just one large single object, but rather several parts made by different companies interconnected within a single shell to form a electronic of its needed purpose. We got this by how the phone was made up of four sections each with their own duty to make up the smart phone. So our team Soggy Waffles has learned a valuable lesson about electronics by disassembling a old worn down phone and below will be some images of the phone we disassembled.   4 Photos of the Phone   The Front Case   Motherboard And Chips Internal components   (Mini Battery, Camera, Speaker, Screen, and Cpu)   Plastic frame Semimodular texas chip


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