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Entry ID #: 3141
Created: Mon, Jan 9, 2017 4:13 PM

TI Electronics Challenge For this challenge, the device chosen was an iPhone 5c created by Apple. With its recent technology, this iPhone represents current technology used within smartphones that are used worldwide. The iPhone 5c uses several impressive components from numerous different suppliers, including Texas Instruments. This device is an example of how complicated one device can be and how there isn’t just one company who supplies parts, but multiply companies that are involved with the components. The iPhone 5c is a complicated smartphone with many different components that are small in size. These components include: Apple A6 processor, LTE Modem, GPS transceiver, NAND flash, power management IC, touch screen controller, Wi-Fi module and many more. All of these components work together as a whole to bring forth the capabilities of the iPhone. The components range from several different suppliers such as: Skyworks, Avago, Broadcom, Murata, Toshiba Qualcomm, Apple and Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments supplies the touch screen controller for the iPhone. The touch screen controller is located on the logic board of the iPhone and functions by reading the position of a touch on the screen of the Apple device. The other components work together as a whole to bring forth the technological capabilities of the iPhone. Every little component has its job in working together as a whole system. The processor runs the system, the battery allows for power, the flash allows for storage, etc. On the outside, the technology of the iPhone appears simple, but is far from anything that is basic. After the experiment, there were many lessons learned from this test. There are a great amount of small and complex components that are used to have a fully functioning smartphone. The inside technology is extremely complex and delicate to the normal individual, while still maintaining a simplistic design on the outside. A lesson learned is that extreme thought and cooperation goes into the design and creation of such a device that is taken for granted everyday. Every single component has its unique purpose and the idea that all of the parts work together as a unit makes the device that much more astonishing. On the outside, the iPhone is a simple piece of technology that is easy to understand and taken for granted by thousands of people. On the inside, the iPhone is a complicated piece of machinery with delicate care taken to make sure every component is working as one whole to provide a single, pleasing experience for the person who uses it everyday in their life. This complex machine should simply not be taken for granted.


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