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google nexus phone dissection


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Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 6:22 PM

Google nexus dissection Today our team took apart an iphone three to study the inside of the electricity chip,memory chip,battery and so on. The people who took place in this project was samuel Hilderbrand,Jason Jacoby, and Connor o'grady were the main sectors of this operation.   The first thing we saw inside the phone was the electricity chip and had tiny shards of green colored copper. We began to dissect the camera,the camera was about to cm tall and two cm wide. The  camera was connected to o wire that led to the memory bank(memory chip) which was also connected to the electricity chip,we were surprised to see that there wasn’t any wares or anything that was connected to the battery,it was all attached by little metal studs that were connected to the battery.we were also surprised to see that a little phone like that ran on such a little power source,The battery was about three inches tall and one and half inches wide. Normal batteries for iphone 6’s are about 4 inches tall and two inches wide.I guess that the creators of the iphone wanted a bigger power source so they Just made the entire iphone bigger and thinner.   When we got to the screen we found out that there is two   screens,one in the back and one in the front. The front one was to protect the back and the front was not glass, it was a kind of shattered plastic. Back on the memory chip there was some sort of metal to keep some little chips from falling out. The screws that were holding it in were so small that we couldn’t unscrew them. The camera was connected to a much smaller  chip that is also known as the storage chip. There were many more bits that worked together to make the whole thing work as a system the case was made out of plastic the iphone has way less  pieces than a modern day phone 6. And in the iphone 6 all the little pieces and the battery, storage,and memory are all in one big rectangle so it fits perfectly to it's a lot thinner that a old phone.And like an old phone like the one we took a part there were multiple pieces and there was one big piece that had most of the phone's storage. And there were a lot of smaller pieces surrounding the battery so when you charged the battery or you got a new battery all those extra pieces that and iphone doesn't need would take the charge from the battery and went through all the pieces to the whole phone had power and if one piece brock the whole system dies since the older phones were  cheaper. For instance there was a plastic case around the phone. And with modern phones it,s metal so it's a lot more durable. This is from our team to you goodbye folks.           


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