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Apple computer


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Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 11:27 PM

For my electronic device I selected a iMac computer, because it was already out of order, so it would be better to take apart than something that could still be used. Some of the parts that I found in the computer were: A “RAM”, or Random Access Memory device (usually in computer chip form). This is basically the computer’s memory, which stores data for running programs, which can be read/written in any kind of order quickly. An Apple iSight camera. This camera is located at the top of the iMac computer, and can be used for taking pictures and videos. It contains a plastic lens, and uses a CMOS “active pixel sensor”. A bezel (the front frame of a computer). Some of these have openings for drive keys. A CPU (Central Processing Unit) processor. This is the electronic circuitry inside the computer that does the things that the computer program tells it to do by doing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output operations that were in the computer’s instructions. The one I found was made by Apple. A Wi-Fi card. This is small card that enables the computer the ability to connect to the Internet, by means of a wireless network. A logic board, also known as a “Motherboard”. This is the main “PCB”, or Printed Circuit Board, and it allows communication between components like the CPU and the memory. It also has connectors for other “peripherals”, and has several different key parts of the computer attached to it. The one I found was made by Apple. A CCD screen. A CCD, or Charged Coupled Device, is a sensor that captures light, which it then converts to digital data, which is then recorded by the camera. These are often used in digital/video cameras, to record still/moving pictures. A cooling fan. Cooling fans are placed inside the computer, and are mainly supposed to protect the CPU from getting too hot. However, they can also bring cold air in, and hot air out. The one I found was made by Delta Electronics. A speaker, which takes audio input from the “sound card” in the computer to form sound waves. The one I found was produced by Apple. From what I found, there were not any TI components. Overall, I enjoyed doing this project. It was really fun and interesting to see what was really inside the computer. Besides learning about what the various components do, I don’t think that I really learned anything, except that it is a lot of work to undergo an experiment like this, and it’s good to evenly distribute time into how and when to do everything.   Here is the front of the computer without the bezel. Here are two RAMs found in the computer. This is the computer fan and one of the speakers.     Here is a close-up of the motherboard and the pieces attached to it.   Sources:                               


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