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Components of Wireless Mouse


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Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 1:35 AM

Our team, 98807C chose the Logitech M305 wireless mouse. A wireless mouse has played a large role in making separate devices that can control it’s machine, like a controller can control it’s robot. The Logitech M305 wireless mouse is a device specifically designed to use LED lights and tiny cameras to use movement and light to send commands to the computer through it’s USB wireless receiver. This device is an optical mouse that uses a very high resolution camera that detects the movement of tiny fibers of the surface the LED light and camera is facing. This movement helps it know how long it took to move the mouse to a certain spot. It takes hundreds of pictures per second, so it looks like a perfect match on the computer screen.     Underneath the right and left buttons on the top of the mouse, there are tiny boxes that can be pressed and sends a command through the circuit board to the usb wireless receiver and performs the command it was sent on the computer. This device also has a scroll wheel/button. When the wheel is spun it uses a spring and two copper plates on the bottom of the wheel to determine what direction and how far the wheel has been spun. Once determined, this information is transformed into a command and sent to the USB wireless receiver and the command is displayed on the computer.     This device requires one double “A” battery. There is a red cable connected to the positive side of the battery holder, and a black cable connected to the negative side. These cables run together into a connector that plugs into part of the circuit board, that gives energy to all of the components of the wireless mouse.     All of these components work together to create a very useful device that has been used since 1964, and will continue being an amazing addition to our technology today. The engineers of this invention had to have really thought about using such a tiny camera hoping it can capture all it needs. This device works very well because of its components working together to create an amazing outcome.  


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