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TI Online Challenge - 8044 Flip Phone


Entry ID #: 3860
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 6:45 PM

Texas Instruments Electronics Online Challenge – 8044 Gear Geeks We are a team centered in Northern Virginia with three girls and one boy: Maya, Naomi, Brian, and Jackie. Last year our team went to the States and Worlds competition. This is our first time as a team doing any online challenges. We chose to take apart a Model: SGH-A437 Samsung Flip Phone because it was not that valuable and it was one of the only products we were all willing to sacrifice. In the file is a picture of the phone before it was taken apart We started by taking out the battery which was just a Standard Battery Model: AB533640AA. It was out of battery so safety precautions weren’t completely necessary. We then took off the key pad face from the key pad. The picture is in the file with the others Upon the deconstruction of our phone, The UV screen was removed from the plastic case. When the UV film is attached to the final product, the screen can visibly be viewed and when it is not, it acts as a solid light as the light waves are too much for our naked eyes to explain. We found two boards, one mother board and one that was around the UV phone screen. The flip phone couldn’t do much (compared to the phones that have been made in the past five years) but these boards helped with the few things it did. We also found the eye of the camera, a screen cover, and a light sensor.


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