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9364E's CD player


Entry ID #: 4043
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 9:59 PM

9364 E   Our team selected a Jensen CD player to take apart because we wanted to understand how the CD player worked since we use it all time. We thought we could expand our knowledge of how everyday technology works with this project. Unfortunately, we did not find any TI components, however we did find other components such as diodes, resistors, and capacitors. The first component, Diodes, let electricity flow in only one way. They ensure that the current flows in the right direction through different components in the circuit. Diodes are similar to a check valve in a mechanical system. They check to make sure the current is flowing one way rather than the other. The second component, resistors create a voltage drop so that the correct voltage can be applied to various components of the CD player. Resistors are similar to constricted pipes in a mechanical system. Lastly, capacitors are the components that smooth out signals in order to reduce levels of noise in the electrical system. Capacitors are similar to a spring in a mechanical system, both of which make the signals clear so that the device runs smoothly. Together, and working as a team, we discovered the many intricacies of the inside of a CD player. Although we began this project with little to no understanding of such a system, we ended with a pleasantly surprising abundance of knowledge on the functions and roles of diodes, resistors, and capacitors.                


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