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Wingus or Dingus
Entry ID #: 3506
Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 10:43 PM

TETRA TROUBLE is an action-packed game based around a regular tetrahedron game object and both fixed and moving goals. Normal VRC rules such as 18” cube initial size restrictions apply. The game follows a standard VRC format: 2 alliances (red and blue) of 2 robots each play a 2 minute match to score the most points. The match begins with a 15s autonomous period, followed by a 1:45min driver control period, with end-game beginning 30s before match end. We decided to use a hollowed out regular tetrahedron as our game object because it offered a unique challenge for manipulation of the object, as the sides of a tetrahedron are hard to grasp, and for scoring of the object via stacking, as this also presents a challenge of making sure that stacks don’t fall over! One of our main goals with this year’s animation was to make it look as realistic as possible. Thanks to the workflow between Autodesk products (specifically Inventor, 3DS Max and Maya) and the new addition of the Arnold Renderer in Maya 2017, we think we managed to achieve this. Hope you enjoy our animation!


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7682 Wingus & Dingus - TETRA TROUBLE - VRC Game Design Animation Challenge


   joemaxtaylor13 on 01/14/2017

Jesus Christ Cody you didn't need to rub that in

   joemaxtaylor13 on 01/11/2017

Yo nice work