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VRC Game Design Animation Challenge

Create an animated video that shows and explains a new VEX Robotics Competition game. This is your chance to get creative and invent a new game within the requirements of this challenge, and demonstrate the game being played in a virtual environment.  



ATS Omega

We welcome all who visit, to experience our perspective in challenging the Starstruck 2016 - 2017 competition. We work on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 14:20 to 16:00, always taking each second into account as the competition will start in 2 moths. We are a team of High School Students who love to program and design diferent robots or machines. We love to give our all and much more.

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Vex Hang Time

This is our first attempt at the Online challenges for Vex. We are a Rookie Vex team at a Title 1 district. Enjoy!

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Team 1138 2017 Animation


This is the team 1138A submission of the Game Design Challenge.  The game we created is called Urchin Fortune.  We hope you enjoy.

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GO DEEP!  Team 8926, Combined IQ, would like to introduce "Diver Down"... an ocean-themed adventure.  Teams will be pushed to the limit as they design, build, program, and run robots that "harvest" sea urchins from a deep ocean wall and score them in a collection trap.  In the first ever challenge of its kind, robots will be required to collapse in order to "dive" under the 10 inch cave at the bottom of the wall during the final seconds of the match! HOPE YOU'RE NOT AFRAID OF THE WATER...


7700R Pyramid Pipecleaners



The animation challenge for this year. Don't worry, it's not the same as last time.

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VRC game Ocean Rescue


Ocean Rescue: we have to rescue urchins from wastes to our base, and get out the food wastes, put them onto pillars, and collect wastes to the waste bin. Using "hat" to occupy pillars. We design this game to tell everyone to protect our ocean, to protect our planet! We really don't want an ocean full of wastes when we are old. Hope everyone could join us to protect our environment and deal with daily wastes carefully!! Thanks!!
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basket ball

this project has four robots(two for each side). one robot has to be for blocking the balls for the other side, and the other robot is for launching balls into the other sides goal. when one side scores a point then the side that got scored gets a point. the team with the most points looses.the balls they have to throw has 1 spike on each side. Rules: 1. cant past the fence 2. has to have two robots on each side 3. had to make into goal to score point 4. balls are worth 1 point
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VEX Ring Loop


From the Students:

This is an imagination of how the robotics game can be played. In the game we have hoops, tetrahedrons, robots and other objects found useful. The teams are supposed to use their robots to carry and place hoops in the poles(5 points each) and to aswell rotate,carry, and drop the terahedron on the last hoop carried(10points). The time the above activities are carried is considered while making the final grading.

From the Sponsors:

This game animation was created by Team 99885J, a new VEX Robotics Competition...