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Created: Mon, Jan 9, 2017 6:04 AM

Why would other youth  love building robots? We are all living in new era of the information with rapidly development; “Innovation“ is the key driver in China as well, which can deliver more convenience & a better future; According to my personal experience, the most important thing is team spirit that you can learned during the activities. It brings us to achieve our dream comes to true; That also make me have chances to see what else the robot insides, how to being designed and produced. Why should you  join our team ? Our Team is Shanghai Hongkou, The 3rd Central ElmentarySchool VEX IQ School Team,  Registered Team Code: 10042B. Our headmaster believes the robotics system can boost students’ interests and learning skill. Ms. Li Zhang, our coacher of VEX IQ school team takes responsible for us seriously with her many years experience in this area. She organized a professional VEX coach classroom with a lot of VEX IQ parts. I heard she is keeping request to upgrading our facilities every year. Our team is mainly formed by Grade 4 & 5 students. After this summer, Grade 5 boys will leave to their Middle School, so we strongly need you to be a new member,  to make our VEX IQ school team stronger! Join us, you will have twice courses weekly. During these exercises, everyone can control robots. There is an external professional instructor – Mr. Jie Yun Zhang gives guide and reviews once a week . That includes all relevant information of the VEX IQ; •You can join as a formal member to compete with others when you're ready. The location of domestic competition in China, then go to the Asia Pacific Competition. The last and the most important is hold by USA - the World Championships’. •Come on, please join us for the 3rd Central Elmentary School honor it! What are our team doing? VEX IQ is the basic version of VEX, which laid the standard knowledge for VEX EDR in the future; Our team designed a lot of good Robots, expecially in  the recent 2 years. The biggest difference between ours and others is “doing by ourselves”. That means all the structure of designed by us, built by us, and modified by us as well. We’re really proud that our Robots is "smarter“ than most of others. In 2016, we tried 4 Motors to have an effort of 6 one in it. That made the Robot has sufficient power under lighter quantity. How we design and build our robot? Teacher Jieyun Zhang informed that the camp for domestic competition was going to be start before the summer holiday, and shared with us details of the game rule. Our Ms. Zhang invited all the team members whom could join the competition; On 1 July, 2016,  we started our training with other school teams members. That was endless road! But finally we made everything went well; There were daily class of teacher Jieyun Zhang. The content included the rule explaining, what’s the key point should be noticed, etc..  We discussde with senior members, made our thoughts as a real thing by using the snap CAD. Everyone rushes out of opinions, The first chassis  was developed one of our teams after one week. After this, each team had their own chassis. I wrote down each step in the daily log as a recorder. Then time to the computer programming, still led by senior members. They had it firstly, adopted into the Robot. We tried to understand all the codes, which made me tired and very excited. It costed us additional week to test Motors and complete the Robot after the program ready; By mid-July, had finally achieved our expectation. We started to do controlling exercise, even in the weekend to have more time. That’s not the finally version, the Robot was adjusted during our exercise. The 2 Robots of our school team’s had been completed by end of July. What can we learn from the VEX IQ Chanllenge? In the school team, we think we are growing up to a liability teenagers from ignorant children. The key thing we learned that is responsibility. You have to do your job with 100% efforts. VEX IQ is a team collaboration game. If you have any problems, the performance of your team probably will be completely out of your expectations. Without any regret, please take yourself responsible. No 2: time is precious. I wasted time during my homework before I joined. But now I realized that time is limited, you’d better to finish all the homework that make you have more time for training. Nobody can manage you except yourself! Back to the VEX IQ competition, time is more precious. In total, there is one minter. In this one minter, you have to finish all activities, like move up, take the balls, turn left/right, cross over, spit balls and so on. All of so many actions should be finished by 2 controllors. That’s impossible to waste 1 ever half of 1 second, otherwise you will lose the game; No 3 is also very important, that is team spirit. A good case was we made the Robot together in the early stage, that’s the reason we were the first primary school team to complete it. And got positive feedback from teachers. In the control exercise, we were able to follow "2 minute codes“ indicated by Ms. Zhang. Comfortable with each member and work closely. It allows us finally got good performance in domestic competition in Aug.  


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   ZhangJieYun on 01/17/2017

Well Done!