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Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 12:02 AM

We are the all-girl Vexmen Team 92P Phoenix. In this video, we share with you all of the amazing things you can do and learn if you "Take the Challenge." Community, Team, Design, STEM, and Competitions, the VEXIQ Challenge is fun, exciting, and educational! 

We hope you enjoy our video!




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Vexmen Team 92P "Take the Challenge" Promote video for 2017


   Mr_Andrus on 01/26/2017

Outstanding job ladies! on 01/21/2017 on 01/20/2017

Great video and good work on your robot! Keep going girls!

   Urban on 01/20/2017

What an amazing job!! Great work girls!

   LKsusan on 01/19/2017

Very impressive! & great video!

   lhallahan on 01/16/2017

So happy that you both took the VEX IQ Challenge! Congrats on an excellent promotional video! on 01/16/2017

Way to go! Keep showing younger girls what smart, hardworking girls look like

   kimlloyd on 01/16/2017

Great job Catherine & Sara!