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4073G Promo: Robot Life


Entry ID #: 3432
Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 8:22 PM

Robot Life is the submitted entry for team number 4073G of the VEX Jets. This promo explores life through the robot's eyes during different periods of time as the Starstruck season progresses. Robot Life portrays the difficulty and hardships teams are bound to face throughout an entire season of VEX. However, it also portrays that when a team assesses their problem(s) accordingly and put lots of hard work into fixing or solving that problem as a whole: not only are their efforts paid off but their potential subsequently increases as well.


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This promo is meant to advertise our team through the robot’s eyes as it gains several experiences through the course of the season and even learns a few things from watching its team: VEX Jet team 4073G.