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What 1575H Is


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Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 8:50 PM

"What 1575H Is" is a video that describes what our team means to us, and what robotics means to us, and what 1575H really is.  It's about all the different aspects that come in to play when you join robotics, such as building, working, brainstorming, the design process, and all of that.  Our team is a puzzle of all the pieces of engineering and robotics and we decided to show that in this video.  1575H isn't just a team name, or a team number, it's something special that means something to each and every one of us.


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Team Name - 1575H - Hammertime Song - Drop & Roll (Public Domain) Created by Josh Biggs This video is about what 1575H is and what it means to us. Thank you for watching.