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2270Armstrong Vex Robotics Team


Entry ID #: 4135
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 10:54 PM

We are 2270, and we are a robotics team from Puerto Rico ambitioned to the innovation of what STEM implies. We want to give ourselves an opportunity to be able to imply what we’ve learned from Vex Robotics to our work area in the future. We encourage everyone to join Vex Robotics, to be able to have pre-experience when we initiate university studies. Hope you guys feel inspired with our video!


Links / Videos

There is nothing here.


   2270A on 01/11/2017

There is two ways you can view the video, but the page is not letting us add a link, we've placed the link in the comments just in case but the file is in "files" to see and download.

   2270A on 01/11/2017