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VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. The goal of this video is to help the team introduce itself in the community, to help recruit new students and mentors, and to gain support for the team. This video may be about the team, the program, the competition, the design and build process, the robot itself, or any theme the team believes can help promote its VEX Robotics program in their community.


929X VEX Promote Video 2017



Here is our video for the 2017 VEX Robotics Promote Award Challenge! We are a team based out of Hereford High School in northern Maryland. We love robotics and enjoy the competition part of it.

Team Members:

Nathan Sakinejad

Jake Crowley

Jack Vantran

Bryan Roeper

Lauryn Roeper

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This is 2250G


The video we created and edited shows our team members and our daily tasks as young engineers in the VEX Robotics Competition. It demonstrates our hardwork and habilities as well as our voluntary work. We hope you find our video intriguing and that our hardwork impact you.

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What It Takes To Be A VEX JET



We are VEX JETS Team #4073B. We are located in Quartz Hill, CA and have a total of 24 team members spread across our three teams, #4073A, B, and G. Our VEX program utilizes teamwork to complete several necessary tasks such as 3D modeling and assembling in Autodesk Inventor, programming in RobotC, and building the robot itself. The most important topic to us however, is fun; without the enjoyment of the activity, we would never be where we are today as a class, with several years of accomplishments and awards under our...

2915E Promote Video 2017


Lynfield College Promote Video 2017 | 2915E.

Vex Robotics is an exciting robotics platform, in which Lynfield College robotics have achieved many great feats over the years. In this video, we talk about what Vex robotics is, how Lynfield College has succeeded in robotics over the years, and what we and many others can take away from Vex. 


Filmed on the Sony A7S II, with the 24-70mm f/4 lens.

Team 2915E, Lynfield College,...

Team 394


Our video promotes our team, Team 394 and VEX.  Enjoy......

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2017 Promote Video for H.E.A.T. 5691B


In this quick video, some of our H.E.A.T. (Hornet Engineering and Technology) crew tell about their H.E.A.T. and VEX Robotics experiences, encouraging others to embark on STEM adventures of their own. 

As always, you can keep up with our activities on our site -

Make it Happen.

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Diabetes Is VEXing, But...


Robotics has given me an outlet to relax and work during the late nights waiting for my blood sugar to maintain a steady level.  Vex is a large part of who I am today and I am grateful for the opportunity to work and compete with such amazing team members.  We hope to inspire others to overcome their personal challenges through Vex Robotics. 

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Chef's Special Menu


The following link is a youtube upload of our promote video.

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56E vex Promote Award


This video outlines the success and growth of our team and how we help the development of the next generation of Cape Robotics.

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5691W Promote Video 2017


A 90 second video promoting the VEX Robotics that we do for team 5691W at Bryant High School, and the lasting effects it has on our students.

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5150 J - Promote Video


Our J team shows off a bit of its old bot and gives a sneak peak of its new one.

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A Good Robot Always Comes Back - 5150 E


A little glimpse into the mind of a robot on the run and what draws it back.

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Join Sandy Robotics Today


This is a video encouraging students to join the Sandy Robotics program.

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We Are Number One but 5150 G pops up repeated...


Plz don't ask why this was made. We don't know either.

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5150D - The Secret Life of D-Bot


An average robot reveals its secret life as superhero, ready to save the world from dangerous cubes and menacing stars.

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365 Days of Vex


'365 Days of Vex' by The Ebots Pilons

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Explaining VEX


We did not know what VEX robotics was at the beginning of the year.  We quickly realized it was bigger than we could have imagined.  So many roles to fill, so many jobs to do, so many things to create, build, fix, and frustrate you.  You experience organized chaos during the tournaments.  After all is said and done, we had fun, learned a lot, and built a foundation in STEM that we cannot wait to expand. 


This video is a snip-it of what happens in our lives with VEX robotics.   

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What is VEX


Each day we are asked "What is VEX?"  VEX is robotics, but to us VEX is so much more.  We decided to make a video to walk you through and explain what VEX robotics is all about and what VEX means to us.  


Each of us play an important role for the overall success of our team - 1338G White H.E.A.T.  I hope this video helps explain what we do, and why we cannot get enough VEX.

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2016-2017 VHS Crusaders - What is VEX?


Team 5509A, the VHS Crusaders, answer questions about VEX and our team. This video hopes to explain what VEX is and why people take part in it through the minds of the participants.

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4073G Promo: Robot Life


Robot Life is the submitted entry for team number 4073G of the VEX Jets. This promo explores life through the robot's eyes during different periods of time as the Starstruck season progresses. Robot Life portrays the difficulty and hardships teams are bound to face throughout an entire season of VEX. However, it also portrays that when a team assesses their problem(s) accordingly and put lots of hard work into fixing or solving that problem as a whole: not only are their efforts paid off but their potential subsequently increases as well.

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Team 1008X


Introducing Team 1008X from Vermillion SD!

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Purple Team


This promotional video we will have various team members speaking about vex. We demonstrate how the competition is structured and what vex is about. In addition we give it our own personal touch by explaining how our team came to be and how vex helps us grow individually and as a community. We show ourselves working passionately on our robot, so we are sure that you'll love vex as much as we do.

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Why You Should Join Robotics


We're the RoboDragons from MOQ Robotics.  We love being on our robotics team and we want you to know why you should join robotics too.

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Hereford Robotics team 929Y


This is the promotional video entry for team 929Y, I am submitting on behalf of the Hereford robotics team.

Here is the link:


thank you for your consideration. 

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Vex Team 1231A Astrobotz Promote Video 2017


This is the final year of the Astrobotz. :( To end strong, we wanted to try something a little different than what we've done for the past two years. We wanted to thank Vex for all the best memories and expierences we've had in robotics. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Our Journey With Atom - 1104A Promote Video


1104A's promote video, showing how much we've excelled and learnt in just a couple months! 

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3590A Promote Video


In our video, we wanted to inform other schools that are possibly considering to make a robotics team, all of the valuable skills you learn. We wanted to first show the stereotypical “mentality” a robotics team (build, compete, and win), through this video you see the different skills you pick up on through the years. We wanted to promote that robotics is not just for winning, but there's so much more to it. From perseverance, improvement, and communication, you see all of the life skills you will obtain through a VEX experience. Also we wanted to show all of the...