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VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. The goal of this video is to help the team introduce itself in the community, to help recruit new students and mentors, and to gain support for the team. This video may be about the team, the program, the competition, the design and build process, the robot itself, or any theme the team believes can help promote its VEX Robotics program in their community.


1034A Shares Our Passion for Robotics


This is a video of how team 1034A promotes STEM in our school and community. Our goal is to promote STEM Education, while inspiring young girls, through our passion, dedication, leadership, and community service.

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VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award


This video can be found on youtube with this link:

Thanks for your consideration.


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What is vex to me! Fiesta Botz


We are a rookie team at a middle school. We are a Title 1 District and the nearest major city is 150 miles away. Robotics is a way for us to connect to others and the world. Robotics drives us to make an impact locally and globally! 


Please like and share our Video!


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3536R Promote Award


Here is our Promote Award Video describing what we do and through what items VEX has allowed us to grow.

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365X Promote Video - 2017


This is 365X's video for the 2016-2017 VRC season.

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"My Lesson Learned"


This video shows the lessons 56C has learned from our time in competition.

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Los jovenes de ahora tienen muchos daños a su alrededor, y la robotica es un metodo o una opcion de no entrar en ellos, espacios como los que hay en mi colegio de interactuar con distintos materiales y participar en diferentes torneos hacen que nos olvidemos de las problematicas sociales que hay a nuestro alrededor, ademas de esto hemos adquirido muchos conocimientos que nos van a servir para nuestra vida profesional y asi mismo a crecer como persona.


Somos un equipo de COLOMBIA


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Lake Stevens Robotics


Being established a little over five years ago, the Lake Stevens Robotics club had aided both high school and middle school students into gaining an interest in VRC and STEM. Having sent at least one team to Worlds every year since the start, Lake Stevens students strive for the best as well as having fun. With over a hundred students (and more joining every year), the Lake Stevens Robotics Club hopes to further inspire and motivate students into pursuing a passion for STEM!


Created by 8931B during the 2016 - 2017 VRC season using Adobe Premiere Pro and After...

12J Robotics


The video works better if you watch it on youtube. We are promoting our robotics team, and we have learned so much from the experiance we have had with Vex robotics so far.

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Join Lokelani Robotics!


This video is about our team ,our awesome season and us showing promoting our team and season.

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Locke Monsters Robotics Mannequin Challenge to...


Enjoy our robotics mannequin challenge - a day in the life of the Locke Monsters Robotics!

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Team 7983Y Promotional Vdeo


Centennial Cyberhawks Team 7983Y VEX Promotional Video

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HTPA Robotics Promotional Video


HTPA Robotics Promotional Video 2017

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John Hardin 2886B Promotion


This is John Hardin's entry for the 2017 Promotional video challenge. We used Powtoon to create a short video about our team, and our experiences this year in the VEX community. The video is uploaded to the official John Hardin VEX youtube page.

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Team 12G's Promotional Viedo


How does participating in the Potomac School Robotics Program help us learn essential skills for the real world? We made this video to show our appreatiation for how much The Potomac School has taught us and Robotics as a whole.

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Are You Ready?


ALOHA EVERYONE!!! We want to present to you our entry to the VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award.  Our video is about the challenges we face and the bonds that we form through the VEX Robotics program.  We hope that this video will inspire viewers to join VEX Robotics and take part in the wonderful experiences that come from the program.

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We Are Number One, Except It's an FHS Robotics...


This video was created to promote our six Firestone high school robotics teams. All music was played by the robotics team "band", and the music used was in public domain. Firestone is "Number One!"

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What 1575H Is


"What 1575H Is" is a video that describes what our team means to us, and what robotics means to us, and what 1575H really is.  It's about all the different aspects that come in to play when you join robotics, such as building, working, brainstorming, the design process, and all of that.  Our team is a puzzle of all the pieces of engineering and robotics and we decided to show that in this video.  1575H isn't just a team name, or a team number, it's something special that means something to each and every one of us.

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Robotics Promote Award-5925E


5925E's Promotional video is about promoting our team to the public and enter for a chance to win the challenge. In our video it will have all info about team members, tell you what each of our roles are, and has a entertaining and informational environment. It also includes some info about what robotics is about.

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Are You Ready?


Aloha! This is Team 4142 of Pearl City High school's entry to the VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award. We hope you enjoy our video!

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Team 3547 Virus MCCC Promo


This is the promo video for VEXVirus 3547 U team MCCC where we show how we talk about how we work as a team over all by helping the IQ and EDR teams.

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Bangarang 5956C Promote Video


I created this video with Sony Vegas Pro 14.

Bangarang is all about teamwork and working with friends to achieve greatness. One robot at a time, we strive to make it to the top and prove ourselves worthy to all teams.

Thank you for watching, Please like the video if you have enjoyed it.

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Dare to live the VEX experience of your life!


We want to communicate how VEX changed our life! we make friends and had the most passionate experience of our life. We learn, we have fun, VEX challenge us very day!! 

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750R 2016-17 Promote Video "Rise From Ashes"


This year, team 750R started with people that had little to no experience, effectively rising from the ashes of the previous year's team. As time progressed, we gained experience, and we grew tremendously. This promotional video outlines our resolve and our team spirit.

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The VEX Effect


We went around and asked our teammates all the way from high school EDR down to elementary IQ what robotics has taught them, and this is what they came up with.

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Lakeviews VEX Robotics Promotional Video


Our VEX Robotics Promotional Video focuses on the key factors of what team 5925D faced throughout the robotics compititions. We wanted to share our love and hard work to represent the Vex Robotics in our promotional video.

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The Eternal Grind


This video is some match footage with narration included for promotional purposes.

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Vex Promote Video Peninsula


This is a short little informative video about our VEX team. We hope to recruit younger students with this video.

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2270Armstrong Vex Robotics Team


We are 2270, and we are a robotics team from Puerto Rico ambitioned to the innovation of what STEM implies. We want to give ourselves an opportunity to be able to imply what we’ve learned from Vex Robotics to our work area in the future. We encourage everyone to join Vex Robotics, to be able to have pre-experience when we initiate university studies. Hope you guys feel inspired with our video!

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