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VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. The goal of this video is to help the team introduce itself in the community, to help recruit new students and mentors, and to gain support for the team. This video may be about the team, the program, the competition, the design and build process, the robot itself, or any theme the team believes can help promote its VEX Robotics program in their community.


Made in Japan


This video displays the unique experience that vex robotics teams based in Japan have, and how that impacts their perspectives on the engineering world.  It was made by the team memebrs of 99484B a first year robotics team at the Christian Academy in Japan.

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Team Sierra reason for success!

This video shows and describes Team Sierra, who they are, what they do, and what leads to their success!

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Meet the Kids of 99484

Meet the Knights Robotics Team! A hardworking group of students that work hours every week enhancing their robot for competition. This video shows the inspiration and motivation the team has in their approach to engineering and why they continue to be participate in a field they love.

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7983S Robot Introduction


This is the video we made as a part of team 7983S for the annual REC online challenges. It informs the audience of the work we have put into our robot and how it works at a simple level. The video is linked below.

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7110A Promote Video

We (team7110A) compiled a video that promotes VEX robotics. Our goal is to get as many people into the program as possible and to do that we created a funny, entertaining video that shows people that VEX is a fun organization.

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7232 Promo Video


The 7232 Cyberpirates Promotional Video uses a Pawn Stars theme to showcase how the club constantly teaches its members about teamwork, dedication, hard work, and use of the design process.

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Sweetch 1119 Promote Video


Our movie is made with all the fun and teamwork robotics consists of... We wanted to show that robotics is not only about gears and metal pieces, hard work, responsibility, teamwork and creativity. We also have lots and lots of FUN. (Can you imagine a world without fun? Because we can't...)  We began filming this video at the end of past season, that's why some of the girls are no longer with us, but in a way they are still part of the team, because we are not just a team, we are a family!

Team members: Xime, Sofi, Helena, Guera, Rige, Codi, Joanna.


The Pilot, The Robot, The Movement

Our goal as a team is to inspire the next generation to get involved with the technological field. Using our team's experience we can encourage those who lack the necessary resources with STEM concepts. Hope you enjoy!


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Create, Build Amaze: 4768 2016-17 Promote Video

This is 4768's 2016-17 promo video. In this video we review what we do in VEX; Create, Build and Amaze. We go over each of these topics individually and how we use them everyday in robotics and at school.

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