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Using the VEX LCD Display to pick Autonomous Program


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Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 9:43 PM

We will be presenting our LCD Autonomous Selection Code, in hopes to teach and inspire teams to use a similar approach. For the last several years, we have used this function to select our autonomous modes before a match. We have found the method to be very reliable and easy to do, saving on stress and time during the competition.  Autonomous is extremely important in VEX, as it potentially allows you to gain a quick advantage over your opponents in the first 15 seconds in the match. Creating strategy for autonomous has been our team's approach to the game for the last several years, and we have seen increasing success from it. Making several to many autonomous modes allows a team to play strategically in autonomous, such as creating a routine to counter an opposing team, or changing routines throughout the day so a team can not create a program to stop you from scoring. This easy and fast autonomous selection screen is a great way to gain a step up in the competition, and it is very easy to create. This basic program will allow a team to input names (Up to 16 characters) for each of their routines, and then program a sliding selection window for easy selection. For example, we can have 12 autonomous modes in total, and at the beginning of a match all we need to do is scroll through the preassigned modes to pick one that will best suit the match ahead. We have attached the code above so teams can try it out, and learn how it works. We want teams to build off of this; many improvements can be made, and it can function completely different with only slight changes. Please use the sample above as something to learn off of. We want teams to learn how to use these materials that are given to them, and continue to learn more and expand the possibilities for use!


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   Team9807B on 01/11/2017

We had audio issues with our video, and the voiceover was not able to be heard. We tried several things to fix this, but were unable to fix it within the remaining time that we had, hence the video not being attached, sorry!