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REC Foundation STEM Educational Video

In order to help a new team better design and build their robot, create a video to teach them something about STEM concepts applied to robotics. Focus on the science, construction, engineering, and/or math of designing and building robots. You should come up with your own idea, but here are some sample ideas from previous years’ STEM Educational Videos:

  • How to calculate loads for robotics mechanisms.
  • How to build a specific mechanism such as a drive train or lifting arm.
  • How to best use specific robotics components in designing a robot.
  • How to use programming with the hardware to accomplish a specific task.
  • How to use CAD software to design and test your robot before it is built.


Control Loops


We, the members of team 1200C, decided to create an introduction to Control Loops, in order to help teams both learn about PID, and how it can be used to create a more accurate autonomous program.

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Tips and Tricks for Vex motors


This is team 7035 E. We are haveing a great time competing in vex starstruck this year. We are a middle school team and enjoy being a part of this robotics season.

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How to reinforce standoffs


Hello, we are team 315X.

We have created a video about how to reinforce standoffs, and we hope you enjoy it.

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REC Foundation STEM Educational Video


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2602D Calculating Torque


This video is for the REC Foundation STEM Educational Video for team 2602D. 

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