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amazing robot with a climbing base and manipulater


Entry ID #: 3414
Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 7:56 PM

We are not good at competition but we are really good at design and build innovative robot! We designed this climbing robot which using tank tread to move, and has 4 360 degree rotational tank tread legs to do climbing and some other awesome movements. First version we used a 3 degree of freedom manipulater and a claw. It was very unstable. second version we used 3D printed stuff and turned out unstable, too. This version we use crane-like mechanism and it works really good! But due to the time limitation, we could only build a simple manipulater. Later this season, we will dig into this kind of mechanism and do some math to calculate the loads and working range.

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This robot has an amazing base. we put a lot of time designing the base so it could climb up small stairs. Also the robot could "stand up" to move. It's pretty cool! We changed our manipulater design several times. first version and second version are too unstable. At last we use a crane-like mechanism and it turns out pretty stable. Later we will better improve this part so it could reach a larger area and even in different angles. Thanks for watching!


   aliceJing on 01/23/2017

WOW, the base of this robot is really good!!!