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The Gomi-Betsu Bot


Entry ID #: 3579
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 7:21 AM

The Gomi-Betsu bot--or affectionately, “Betsie”--is the new assistive robot to enhance life at home! The word 'Gomi' (ゴミ) and 'Betsu" (べつ) is Japanese for 'trash' and 'separate' which is exactly what our robot does. As we all know, recycling is better for the earth, but sometimes that can be a hassle. With this robot, the separating is done for you, which leaves you just to drop the recyclable into the chute. This eliminates the inconvenience that comes with recycling, and creates an eco-friendly environment at home. 

Links / Videos

This video explains the problem we approached as we began our building process, how we made our robot to solve the issue and a demonstration of it.