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6135K Emoto-Bot


Entry ID #: 3887
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 7:34 PM

The Emoto-bot is a demonstration control system for VEX robotics that creates a human-machine interface for an assistive or companion robotic device. The control system uses direct instantaneous measurement of biological parameters of the user, including stress level, eye position, minute muscle motions, heart rate, and brain activity. This system can be used to operate a prosthetic robotic device for people with disabilities or health issues. Also, by monitoring certain parameters indicitive of emotional state, the system can respond and actuate appropriate comfort and assistive actions based on user and evironmental factors.

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This is 6135K's Future Foundation Robot Construction Challenge entry. The Emoto-bot uses Galvanic Skin Response and electromyography, as well as electrooculography to control a robotic arm. This could be used by the weak or disabled as a functiona regain their independence