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Ryerson Rams Robotics- FUTURE Foundation Challenge


Entry ID #: 3917
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 8:01 PM

We, Ryerson Rams Robotics (R3), have created a futuristic robot that helps to clean floors. This robot is an awesome companion robot that can work along side you as you clean, or can be turned on as you leave, and have the house clean by the time you get home. Swiffy, the robot, uses multiple sensors including the gyrocope and ultrasonic sensors in order to autonomously mop floors without missing a spot.Our easy to use robot will reduce stress, increase happiness, and give companionship to anyone in need.

Links / Videos

Swiffy the mopping robot is shown at work in this video, quickly and easily cleaning floors made of multiple different media.


   astoloff on 02/04/2017

Very interesting work. It is not clear how well the robot cleans up bigger messes such as dirt/mud chunks or larger liquid spills.