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Created: Wed, Dec 21, 2016 6:55 PM

Brother Bots is a rookie home school VEX team based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Our team is made up of a two sets of brothers, who share a passion for robotics. Our goals for this season are to have fun, to share our knowledge of robotics with children in our community, and to compete at the world championship. This our website.


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Brother Bots website


   robotian on 01/16/2017

Amazing website design. Love the consistent theme and the amazing resources.

   vexbrotherbots on 01/16/2017

Love the helpful information page. My favorite is all of the pages about the lift, drives and programming. Great work guys

   rubberbandrobotics on 01/16/2017

I love the website. It has a great layout and awesome colors. I find the design to be simple yet elegant. I don't like all of those overcrowded websites nearly as much as this one.

   brotherbots on 01/16/2017

I use the calculators all the time and find them very convenient.