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Dell Technologies Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

This challenge is to develop a website that promotes your entire robotics program – your VEX IQ Challenge, VEX Robotics Competition, or VEX U team(s) and any other robotics programs you participate in, your outreach activities, how to join, what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future. In short, build a website that tells the world how great youth robotics is and how special your program is. You are encouraged to promote all the STEM activities in which your robotics program participates (VRC, BEST, Botball, FIRST, TSA, PLTW, SKILLS USA, SKILLS Canada, underwater robotics, workshops, camps, math competitions, bridge building, solar-powered cars, etc.)


Viking Colt Robotics


Click here to visit our website.

This website was created in 2014 to provide our members with helpful resources and to help keep our club organized and on track for success. It was also designed for the community to learn more about our robotics program and how to become more involved. Our website won 1st Place last year in the EMC Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge. The Viking Colt Robotics Club, located in Lake Stevens, WA consists of two groups, the V-BOTS (8931) from...

Team 985 Website - MOQ Robotics

Mary Our Queen Robotics (985) is a Middle School robotics team from Omaha, NE. Our mission is to ignite passion for science, technology, engineering and math. We have started to use the site to help our friends and family keep track of our season.  The site will also allow us to better recruit new members.

Designed in Word Press with adjustments to the default theme.

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Vex Robotics

This website explains how amazing robotics csn be and how fun it can be. I hope that many people join because of this site. I also hope that the judges are impressed by my website that I worked really hard to make.

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Electric Sheep - DMCI Robotics


We are the Don Mills CI Robotics Team, from Toronto, Ontario. Our website, was established in January of 2016, and will continue to be updated every year. For the 2016-2017 competition, we have two teams, both passionate and dedicated to bringing our very best into the games.

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We are the robotics team from the Montessori School in Medellin, Colombia. We are one of the first robotics clubs in the country, founded in 2004. The website was created in 2011. The team has participated in regional! national and international competitions since 2007 (FLL, Vex IQ, RoboRave International, among others)

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This is the team website for our team, the AVengineers (Team 1155A). Our website has been up since 2015, and we continue to update it. Click here to visit our site.

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This is our team website. We have our plan, our schedule, and a beautiful robot. Check us out at

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Our VEX robotis team has three seperate teamswithin it. Our teams are MHPheat A, MHPheat B,MHPheat C.

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