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Visionary Cane


Entry ID #: 142
Created: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 9:03 PM

This is Highlands Intermediate Robotics Team's(394) Product Design entry. This is the Visionary Cane. It is meant to assist the blind by alerting the user when there is an obstacle within seven feet. This is useful because they won't have to wait till they touch the object with the cane like they would with a regular cane. The Visionary Cane uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance from the cane and the obstacle. It alerts the user by using a vibrating motor or a beeper. The closer the Cane gets to the obstacle, the faster it vibrates or beeps. There is a touch sensor on the handle to choose between the vibrating motor or the beeper depending on the user's preference.


This file describes the disability that the Visionary Cane helps.

This explains the purpose of the Visionary Cane.

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   Rick Tyler on 03/17/2010

Just wanted to mention to viewers that the challenge does not require a brand-new invention.

   user9481 on 03/07/2010

This is an amazing product! Great job!