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Girl Powered: In Her Words Storybook Challenge

In marking the kickoff of Girl Powered, an initiative to increase the representation of girls on robotics teams, the REC Foundation would like to invite girls on VEX IQ Challenge and VEX Robotics Competition teams to create a story focused on their path in designing, programming, and building a robot or one aspect of their team’s development over the season. This is a unique opportunity for your team to share what’s most important to you, how you overcame particular challenges during the season, and, most of all, what it's like to participate in robotics!



Girls powered


Girls powered on line challenge.    Story book about my journey in robotics.

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Girl Powered: A Segregated Team


Girl Powered

A Segregated Team

By: Morgan Anderson & Florencia Damron

Our VEX IQ robotics team last year (2015), consist of 9 middle school students; four girls and five boys. Our coach decided that it would be better if the girls worked on S.T.E.M., and the boys worked on the rest (building, programming and the engineering notebook).  We did not think that it was a big deal because the girls thought that we would get to work on the robot later. We soon realized that we were not going to get a...

Titanium ENAE



This is a robotics team conformed by five girls among 15 to 17 years old, they belong to 10 and 11 grades. Titanium was created in 2011 under the name “Enae Science  and Technology Gateway”, our team has participated in several competitions in our country, in 2012 we went to the World Vex Robotics Competition in Anaheim California and to the science and technology fair in Busan Korea in 2015.

On the other hand we participated in an online robotics challenge “ Vex Robotics...

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We are the first all-girl team at our school. We have worked really hard especially since we are still learning. We have had amazing times working together and times when we get frustrated with each other. But we are one team and we all learn together and enjoy each other's company.

Many people think that girls only know about makeup, clothes, and hair. So, we decided to prove them wrong. We show that there's a lot more to girls than nail polish and makeup by designing, programming, and building robots!

Our team has failed many times, but we have...

From Juicebox to Jitterbug


Team 9225C hails from a small town in Alabama: White Plains. Rebecca Johns, senior, programs and builds. Alexis Alvarez, senior, updates the engineering notebook on a daily basis and is the team scout. Rachel Wise, junior, builds. This is Rebecca and Alexis's second year, while Rachel is still in her first year. 

Team 9225C was formed from when the girls split from​​ teams 9225A and 9225B. Boys from other teams had the habit of not taking the girl's ideas into any consideration, resulting in the split in January 2016, creating the first...

RoboGirls: Our Journey to Worlds


What happens when two girls compete in a male-dominated robotics challenge?

They win.

This is the story of how Allison and Elizabeth, two 13 year old girls,  joined their school’s robotics club. The other two teams in the club consisted of only boys, but Elizabeth and Allison were confident that they could build their own robot. Sure enough, their robot, lovingly nick-named "Bae," ended up beating both of the boy's robots and winning them a spot at the Vex IQ 2016 Worlds Championship. 

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Girl Powered by Alexandra Donoway 4154


A storybook of my experiences in VEX Robotics. 

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My Journey Through VEX Robotics


We are 323G- R.I.O.T from Cornerstone Robotics.

We are an all-girls high school Vex Robotics team, and this is our fourth year together.  Because there are only two of us on the team we are both involved in designing, building, testing, programming, and scouting at competitions.

Both of us love being on a team together, and we have learned together and grown together. We emphasize teamwork in all areas of robotics, because robotics is not just about building a good robot. We have to work together to design the robot, we...

The Story of Building a team


The Enlightened Luddites (985A) is one of the all-girls teams at Mary Our Queen Robotics.  This storybook is titled "The Story of Building a Team".

You can view our story here:

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Girl Powered: Our Path to Excellence


Girl Powered Storybook Challenge

"Girl Powered: Our Path to Excellence" by Lillian Gilligan and Megan Schopp

Team 1313 - RoboRunners
Elementary VEX IQ
Curiousworx, Traverse City, MI

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Girl Powered


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Teen Titans


Every one of us has their own fears, but some little power can help us overcome them. VEX Robotics was our power that gave us an opportunity to prove to the whole world that “Girls CAN too! ". It helped each one of us to overcome her fears, and introduced us to a whole new world. For the first time we have learnt what is team work and how to work in a team, how to solve problems and see them from another point of view. It changed our notion about education, replacing the idea that to learn you have to memorize boring pages to make us experience Science,...


Technology, It's My First Language


'Girl powered', what do these two words mean? They mean only what we believe them to be. Girls can do anything, there is no doubt, but why do they not believe they can? It is this 'normal mindset', that girls should not be in robotics, holding them back. These three girls, break the metaphorical chains created by society. Take a moment to read our story.

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Girl Power


Girl power means so much to the 3 girls in team 2713! See how we have overcome our challenges in this slideshow! Team 2713 is from Melrose Ma. We are a Vex team of 12 people and participate in events frquently. we are in grades 7 and 8 and spend many hours per week working on our two Robots. Please be sure to check out our slide show on girl power!

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Back to the Past


We are a team of six high school girls from Westlake Girls’ High School in Auckland, New Zealand. Interestingly, we all started our journeys with Vex on different teams, but eventually, we came together to form one team last season. Because of this, we started out as strangers and had to learn how to work together as the season progressed. This led to some pretty hilarious fails, but it also cultivated essential teamwork skills which taught us how to compromise and respect each other. Somewhere along the way, we also became good friends. Looking back now, it’s amazing...


Powered by Girls


We're not a team of just girls. We are a group of peers that work together on somthing we all love equally.

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Atychiphobia: The Fear of Failure


Comprised of 9 team members from Chicago, Illinois, the BEA5T is a part of the PREP program from Chicago State University, under NSBE Jr. Chapter 1, which specializes in introducing STEM to those of racial and gender minority. A female team member, Haley Cao, gives her account of being a part of the team with her thoughts, her fears, and what it is like to be marginalized for being of racial minority. 

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2886A Girl Powered Online Challenge


John Hardin's VEX Robotics Team, 2886A, in captained by myself, Keeley Slade and the only female in our schools program. I serve as a Girl Power Mentor and do my best to promote females in STEM. 

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Just a Girl



perhaps many of difficulties affect on us and our dreams but it teaches us how to go into the challenges that we hesitate to get in it, and forces us to fix the mistakes that we made before, and make us know some people we didn’t expect that they might be near to us.

So here… in this I’m going to write about my life as a girl who...


Girl Powered Online Challenge


Our story is about a girl named Lizzy. Lizzy is a character we created based on our robotics experience. Our story shows how Lizzy loves robotics and has a flourishing love for it. However, can she get past the fact that everyone that does robotics is a boy?

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7268A Girl Powered VEX EDR Challange


I'm Emilee Tran and this is my story.

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The Little Charlotte


Hello! My name is Alexa M. Zaragoza-Torres.  Currently I'm in Middle School at Hogar Colegio La Milagrosa in Puerto Rico. Three years ago, I started a great adventure ... Robotics. I never imagined how many wonderful things we can learn. From simple drawings to scaled drawings, from learning the names of tools to using them correctly, I learned that making mistakes is part of the learning process and offers us an opportunity to try again. I have learned how valuable teamwork is. Through the years in robotics I have understood that STEM skills are the most important tool...