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Girl Powered: A Segregated Team


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Created: Thu, Oct 20, 2016 9:53 AM

Girl Powered A Segregated Team By: Morgan Anderson & Florencia Damron Our VEX IQ robotics team last year (2015), consist of 9 middle school students; four girls and five boys. Our coach decided that it would be better if the girls worked on S.T.E.M., and the boys worked on the rest (building, programming and the engineering notebook).  We did not think that it was a big deal because the girls thought that we would get to work on the robot later. We soon realized that we were not going to get a chance to work on the robot (or even touch it). Towards the end of the year our coach was always on business trips, Morgan’s dad decided to fill in.  He was basically our coach for the rest of the year after that. When he came around to be our coach, the segregated team soon became integrated.  When it was time for regionals our robot was not very good. That is because we didn't work as a team during the season.  It seemed like it was more the girls against the boys. We decided to enter into another competition and basically built and programmed a new robot in one week.  This was also a team effort, no more girls vs. boys.  At the next competition we won the programming award and advanced to states.   At States we won the STEM research award which qualified us for the World competition.   In the end we all realized it was better to work as a team, and girls are just as good as boys at robotics!!  


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