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Entry ID #: 2830
Created: Thu, Nov 17, 2016 3:59 PM

We are the first all-girl team at our school. We have worked really hard especially since we are still learning. We have had amazing times working together and times when we get frustrated with each other. But we are one team and we all learn together and enjoy each other's company. Many people think that girls only know about makeup, clothes, and hair. So, we decided to prove them wrong. We show that there's a lot more to girls than nail polish and makeup by designing, programming, and building robots! Our team has failed many times, but we have learned from our mistakes and how to cooperate with each other. We saw that our claw was too small and was not going to work so we decided to make our own "claw" in a way so that the claw could lift and throw the stars and cubes. Taking robotics has changed the way we look engineering. We never thought that this could be fun, we never thought we would be mini engineers ourselfs. Thinking that engineering could be our worst nightmare has turned into our best dream. We have learned a lot about building, programming and designing. Our team indivdually has learned that it is a lot harder than it looks when building because if one thing goes wrong then you have to fix everything and make sure that are no mistakes. Plus when programming we always got fustrated with it but we learned to find a way to get over it. This whole experiance was fantastic for us. We loved working on the robot, having fun and learning new things! We hope we do well in the competitions and can do this again next year!              


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