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My Journey Through VEX Robotics


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Created: Fri, Dec 16, 2016 4:41 PM

We are 323G- R.I.O.T from Cornerstone Robotics. We are an all-girls high school Vex Robotics team, and this is our fourth year together.  Because there are only two of us on the team we are both involved in designing, building, testing, programming, and scouting at competitions. Both of us love being on a team together, and we have learned together and grown together. We emphasize teamwork in all areas of robotics, because robotics is not just about building a good robot. We have to work together to design the robot, we have to work together while building the robot, we have to work together to get sponsors, and we have to work together during competitions. We love practicing together and we are always trying some way to improve, because with every team there is always room for improvement. We try to improve our robot when we meet together every week, and during competitions we try to improve our character by showing good sportsmanship and congratulating all the teams, because in our eyes, winning isn’t all that matters. We strive to learn more about robotics, about teamwork, about friendship, and about sportsmanship. We are R.I.O.T., and Robotics Is Our Thing! “Do everything as if working for the LORD, not for men.” Colossians 3:23 My Storybook- My Journey Through VEX Robotics


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