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Created: Thu, Dec 22, 2016 11:03 AM

Every one of us has their own fears, but some little power can help us overcome them. VEX Robotics was our power that gave us an opportunity to prove to the whole world that “Girls CAN too! ". It helped each one of us to overcome her fears, and introduced us to a whole new world. For the first time we have learnt what is team work and how to work in a team, how to solve problems and see them from another point of view. It changed our notion about education, replacing the idea that to learn you have to memorize boring pages to make us experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics:” Hands on approach at last". Now we know how to apply Newton's laws easily, we know from where these theories came from and what could happen if we violated them. VEX Robotics made education way easier and more enjoyable, it helped us to discover the world, to prove things, think, design, build and program by ourselves. Not only technical skills, but we have gained many interpersonal skills, how to express our ideas, how to be responsible and work under pressure and how to deal with people from different cultures. We have also learned that “There is NOTHING impossible! ", and how to control things when we face a problem at any time. Finally, all these words wouldn't express how much we were inspired and how our lives differed after competing at VEX Robotics contest.


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