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Back to the Past


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Created: Wed, Jan 4, 2017 8:14 PM

We are a team of six high school girls from Westlake Girls’ High School in Auckland, New Zealand. Interestingly, we all started our journeys with Vex on different teams, but eventually, we came together to form one team last season. Because of this, we started out as strangers and had to learn how to work together as the season progressed. This led to some pretty hilarious fails, but it also cultivated essential teamwork skills which taught us how to compromise and respect each other. Somewhere along the way, we also became good friends. Looking back now, it’s amazing how circumstances coincidentally brought together five girls who are all so like minded and passionate and compatible as a team, because I don’t think any of us could have picked better teammates if we tried.   Storybook Description Set in the 2050’s, we demonstrate the idea of how our team developed from a state of dysfunctional disasters to harmonic unity through a nostalgic lens. We tried to capture the essential teamwork skills, students in the VEX program learn, and highlight how their importance is everlasting by looking back at our experience as adults. By showcasing important memories that every team makes which range from alternating fits of triumphant excitement and frustrating failure’s, our storybook will allow present and past students in VEX to relate at a quantum level.


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   Lakebots2904A on 01/12/2017

CREDITS: Team Members- Na-young Kim Regina Kyung-Jin Lee Anushka Kharbanda Emily Zou Angela Huang Clarissa Pasang Name of the Storybook- Back to the Past Team Number- 2904A Software Used- Photoshop, Adobe PDF