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Entry ID #: 3069
Created: Sun, Jan 8, 2017 2:51 PM

Hi, I'm Spirit! I’m proud to be the robot of Kristin's first all girls team! They are: Tiffany, Allyson and Pippa. All year 7s and all new to VEX IQ. I was born in New Zealand , a little big robot, little, but I have a LOT to do! Like training my humans. So they think I'm theirs, but I can deal with that... Anyway, about training! Training them sure isn't easy! Sometimes they'll rebuild me and forget to put in a spacer or something. And doesn't realise until we're in a game and I lose a wheel...! Aaaaahh!  But for their first year in robotics, as Year 7s, I think they did... really well, actually. So there was some technical difficulties. So I was too long by 4 inches. So... what? They did really well for their first ever tournament!  Next year, WE'LL BE BACK! 2017 HERE WE COME!!

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