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7700B Girl Powered


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Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 11:54 AM

Girl Powered: In Her Words Storybook Challenge By: Hannah Bauer, Rolling Robots Team 7700B Robots, Robots, Robots... Some people think that when you are building machines, it is a job for boys, but I can prove otherwise. My name is Hannah Bauer, and I have been doing VRC for about three years now. To me, going to Rolling Robots to build and code brightens my day. I have made many friends, and I have learned so much. Being a girl doesn't hold me back from "getting my hands dirty". Being a girl actually motivates me more to build a robot that is the best.     Out of the seven people on my team, I am the only girl. To be honest, this doesn't make it awkward or weird. I get along very well with my fellow team mates, and they never fail to listen to me. During my first year of being on the VEX competition team, Nothing But Net season, I learned a lot by watching my teammates build, and tried to learn everything I could so that I would then be able to take on the leadership role .     Now for this season, I have developed my own team. I co-lead this team with a boy, and we work very well together. In my position as the team leader, I build code, record information in our notebook, and I CAD for my team. This year, I increased my building skills, but more importantly, I learned how to code my robot. I am now the main programmer for my team, along with someone who assists me. I learned how to code a holonomic drive, an LCD, and an encoder. I have programmed many different codes for autonomous round in the competitions. I use an LCD to access these various codes, so that it will work together with our alliance. For competitions, I am the main driver. One of my most memorable driving experiences was when it was a very close match, and in the last 10-15 seconds in the match, the opposing team tried to throw a cube over, but I raised the robot's claw, and defended it. The crowd's gasps of awe filled the room, and we went on to the finals in that tournament. Although we didn't win the tournament, I led my team to win the Excellence Award, which now qualifies us for the California State Championship.     In the beginning of the season I was nervous to lead because I didn’t think the boys would listen to me, but I grew a lot of confidence, and now am leading a team that has done very well in various competitions, won an Excellence Award, and qualified for California State Championships.   Credits   Writer: Hannah Bauer, Team 7700B Photos: Obviously not taken by me were taken by our mentors and parents. Tools: I used google docs to produce this story

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