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Created: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 7:02 PM

Diana Kachman  Seattle Preparatory School 1-10-17 Girl Powered: In Her Words Storybook Challenge  The Impact of Women in Robotics      As a girl in modern society, I feel as though robotics is the perfect way to become involved in the STEM field. There is only about 24% of the women working in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I joined the robotics team first out of sheer curiosity. I noticed immediately that there were many other women there. The very small group of girls would later diminish; although I don’t know for sure, it may have been from the pressure of doing something considered more stereotypically “girly.” While I am not a person o buy into the inequality fanaticism because I believe that we as humans are all equal, I see nothing wrong with the encouragement of women going into fields of higher education. Women and men often have the same jobs, but are judged on their gender (either getting more because they are a man or getting more because they are a woman) instead of the quality of their work. Going into the STEM field helps you find your passion while also helping further society, that is why robotics is such an important subject- it’s innovative and shown to break down any boundaries between the possible and the improbable. The large majority of people involved in robotics, however, are men. This is why robotics is so important to me, because every woman in it can inspire others to join despite any preconceived notions. I feel so empowered as a girl in robotics because I am the only girl on my team, but I still feel comfortable and accepted. I am the programmer, this is completely new to me as I have never programmed anything before. I have taken classes at the University of Washington (Girls in Science and Technology), but we haven’t programmed a robot or anything that has had to be tested after the code was finished. When I first started, I struggled with the concept while slowly improving. Coding has become a lot easier in time and I enjoy it greatly. I would like to share with women the opportunity to find that the STEM field knows no gender or differences, it is a chance for everyone to challenge the normalities of society and innovate for themselves.   


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