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Jodie's Journey


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Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 9:27 AM

Girl Powered Storybook Challenge: Jodie's Journey  12B Greased Lighting - Becca, Jasmine, and Jodie Jodie felt like she was in a rut – she needed a challenge! Luckily, Jodie stumbles across a VEX Robotics Booth at ArtFest and falls in love with STEM. At first, Jodie is intimidated by the lack of girls in robotics, but she joins Greased Lightning, an all-girl team! Here, Jodie learns about the engineering process and discovers her inner GIRL POWER!...When Fall starts, the girls must overcome tough setbacks with the robot and in school. Jodie even questions whether she can continue with robotics! How will Jodie's team handle the first competition and find their place in a male-dominated field? Will Jodie find a balance between school and robotics?  Follow Jodie and her journey through VEX Robotics in this rhyming storybook written by 12B Greased Lightning.


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Follow Jodie as she learns how to balance school work and robotics!