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The Girl's Guide to A (VEX)ing Universe


Entry ID #: 3833
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 6:00 PM

Team 200C's storybook is mainly written in prose, and it parodies THHGTTG, as well as other pop-culture happenings. We hope you hitch on for this ride! One Thursday, nearly 1662 years after Hypatia of Alexandria, and 202 years after Ada Lovelace, a woman sitting on her own in a small cafe in Toronto suddenly realised why she felt empty all the time. She regretted giving in to the peer pressure of her friends, and listening to her parents when they said “Science is not a respectable pursuit for women.” This is not her story. But it is the story of two girls’ introduction to the sciences/engineering and its consequences. My name is Sahar Abdalla, and it all started that Thursday...


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