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Building - A Girl's Story


Entry ID #: 4034
Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 9:51 PM

Our school joined the VEX league last year, and managed to earn awards and qualify for the World Championship--without any girls. This year, three of us joined, the first girls from our school to ever participate. It was a lot of fun throughout and we built a close family within our team, but understandably there was considerable pressure on the whole team to live up to the standard of the previous year, as well as additional pressure on us girls for having changed the team dynamic from the all-boys club they had become accustomed to. With VEX just starting to gain popularity among schools here in Japan, competitions are difficult to arrange and our contact with outside teams is limited, though treasured. For the longest time the three of us had no Robotics girls but each other to talk to and work through our struggles with. We have taken this chance to finally write about and share our emotional journey over the year so far.


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