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"That One Girl in the Engineering Class"


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Created: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 10:10 PM

_____________________________________________ "That One Girl in the Engineering Class"  Emily Gossen 2915E Lynfield College, New Zealand _____________________________________________ Lynfield College robotics has seen many great successes over the years in Vex, from winning tournament champions multiple times at worlds to taking home the Excellence Award. The ultimate aim for Lynfield College Robotics is to open the doors for any student interested in the subject and give them the opportunity to give robotics a go and provide them a platform to develop and pursue those interests. The following entry for Girl Powered sums up my experience in Vex as a girl, and how myself and others have been inspired to pursue STEM-related fields as a future career thanks to the doors Vex opens.  _____________________________________________


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Entry for Girl Powered Online Challenge. Emily Gossen, 2915E.