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Vex IQ Extraction Driver


Entry ID #: 4304
Created: Wed, Dec 6, 2017 9:48 AM

Problem Statement While working with Vex IQ Robots we always struggle with detaching various connectors from the beams. Gears etc. Often time we our hurting our fingers, our thumbs while disconnecting connectors. We have often also found ourselves in a situation where we are not able to eject/detach the battery from the brain. We have a Vex IQ battery back, which uses AA battery, and often the back lid is stuck, and it’s a pain to get the back lid, and then the batteries from the VEX IQ battery pack. Following are main problems. 1.      Injury Risk – We injured ourself with these tight connectors 2.      Damage to parts - Too much can break these parts. 3.      Too much time – We spend a lot of time in just detaching these parts. Problem we faced, and Actions that triggered the solution We participated in our very first vex competition last month. During competition our battery pack got stuck, which caused us to lose lot of time. About Our Component (VEX IQ EXTRACTION DRIVER) Our component is intended to do multiple task.  1.    Side A Side A have two prongs. And is used to easily eject or detach the battery from the brain. 2.    Side B Side B have one prong, this is used to easily detach the battery cover, this is also used for easily detaching the AA battery’s from the battery holder. 3.    Side C This in the bottom of the component, and is used to detach connectors from the beams, and other vex parts. How we built out Solution We designed a Vex IQ Spring component in Tinkercad, followed by rendering in Autodesk Fusion 360. How the Component Works How the component work is shown in the attached Summary Report, along with all the specifications and rendered images.