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New Easy Field Assembly Design 4154A


Entry ID #: 4306
Created: Wed, Dec 6, 2017 1:43 PM

After coming up with thoughts, we came up with making a clip that would help attach to parts of the field and would still be as sturdy. We used tinkercad for making this 3D field.   How it works: Instead of having to screw the field together, which takes for ever and is a huge pain, we thought why not use clips to put the field together. These clips are 3D printed onto a piece of plastic, they can either be glued onto the field pieces or drilled through and screwed on. We haven't come up with a way to do the corners of the field but we personally think it would be better to leave the corners with screws for extra support. In the future i am sure the field will be able to be assembled without a single screw.    

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