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Vex Gear (918D)


Entry ID #: 4358
Created: Fri, Dec 15, 2017 2:58 PM

VEX Gear: When we started the VEX Robotics Competition, one of the first problems we had with out robot was that we didn't have a gear that would be able to hold together all of the robot with just one of this gear. Therefore, we have designed a new VEX part that solves this issue. The intent of the spikes attached to the main body is to allow a axle to connect through a small hole at the tip, which would allow for maximum tension. There would be 3 of these spikes, in order to have more space for more parts to be connected. Since the tension is high, the robot would be held together by the forces of gravity, and will not break apart. This gear also can serve as a secondary gear, in order to hold just one part, and the other two spikes could be used as a tool to lift cones, which would be very efficient because of the amount of compression it unleashes upon the cone. This would hold the cone in place, and it could be sheared to allow for the cone to drop onto the desired target. The red box in the middle is to allow for the tension to collect into a sturdy part. The axles connecting the red box to the silver ring inside of the body is to allow for it to be held in place. As for the ring, it is inside of the main body because the body cannot directly connect to the axles. This is because the body is made out of plastic, and it cannot sustain the pressures of holding together an entire robot. This is where the ring comes into play. Since the ring is made out of steel, it will be way harder to break under pressure than plastic. The gear can be held to a arm or another component of the robot to provide necessary force to successfully hold together that particular component.


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