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Porta Gomas L AND Porta Gomas


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Created: Mon, Jan 1, 2018 12:14 PM

What is the purpose of the PGL?   This piece was created with the purpose of preventing the rubber from being cut, this piece is useful especially in robots with heavy joints, which fall by themselves due to the inertia of gravity. How is the piece constituted?   The piece consists of a wavy surface, in addition to having 6 holes for the screws, it serves to be able to leave the piece stable in the robot in a simple way. How is it used?   This piece is used by positioning it in parts of the robot where rubbers are used and where they make contact with a surface capable of cutting them.   When placing the piece, this prevents the rubber from being cut or worn out.   The PGL can be used in any type of robot, regardless of its size or shape, this being one of its greatest advantages, a small piece, useful, and simple to use. Functionality   This piece prevents the wear or breakage of the rubber thanks to its corrugated surface, and is easy to install in the robot, since it is a small piece, and with the holes adapted to the VEX structures. The corrugated surface apart from avoiding the wear or breakage of the rubber, serves as a guide since in the sides have a protruding surface that prevents the rubber from leaving the place.   Thanks to this small project I learned that things are not always limited to what we see, but that it is necessary to innovate and improve. In my case, this helped me a lot, because in the future I will use the inventor software, in order to express my projects better, giving it a more professional touch.   In a robotics team, the inventor helps you to visualize the finished robot, and to be able to analyze it more thoroughly before assembling it, also helps you to facilitate certain tasks, such as pieces adapted according to your chassis.   Inventor will help me a lot in my future career, since I plan to enter the area of ​​mechatronics, having much to do with the area. And what about the Porta Gomas?   The PortaGomas, is a piece that works in conjunction with the PGL, the main use of this piece is to support the tires, but has other uses, for example, can be used as a separator.   The PortaGomas is much more sensitive than the PGL, this being the basis of the PGL.                  What do you think?, Useful?

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